Department Of Ecotourism, Recreation and Hospitality Holds A Practical Culinary Session

The students of the Department of Ecotourism, Recreation and Hospitality have held a practical session covering Culinary Operations, Front Office and Accommodation areas of hospitality.

The event which started on the 10th March to 12th March 2021 at the University Pavilion saw in demonstration the level 100 and 300 hospitality students of the Department who put into practice the theoretical knowledge of their culinary skills in preparing various dishes under strict hygienic conditions. Some of the local and continental dishes prepared included jollof rice, fried rice, vegetable rice, beef sauce, beverages, grilled tilapia, omelette, kebabs, salad, local drinks and many more.

Department of Ecotourism2
A section of the dishes prepared by the students

A Lecturer at the Department, Dr. Ricky Yao Nutsugbodo explained that the reason for conducting the practice session was due to the existence of the Corona Virus pandemic, which hindered the students to undertake their industrial attachment as required by the University during the second semester of every academic year. He added that the event was divided into three (3) sections, the first being the Culinary Operations where students were assessed based on the application of their knowledge level in personal and kitchen hygiene, nutrients, professionalism as well as food production skills. Dr. Nutsugbodo said during the second and third session, students were assessed on Front Office services and Accommodation bookings and check-ins respectively.

Dr. Ricky Yao Nutsugbodo 3
Dr. Ricky Yao Nutsugbodo

Dr. Nutsugbodo further indicated that the general expectations of the students were met at the end of the event. Also, he noted that plans are far advanced to ensure students are provided with the requisite knowledge and skills equipping them to become industrious graduates of the University.

IMG 9023

The programme was moderated by a Technical Instructor at the Department, Ms. Perpetual Zaazie and the Head of Department, Mr. Richard Obour. Some staff was also present to taste meals.

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