Fire and Disaster
Students' Association (FIDMASA)

Fire and Disaster Students’ Association (FIDMASA) exists to bring its members together, helping them acclimate to life in the University, connecting them to other students as well as Alumni, and also helps students develop transferable skills. FIDMASA host professional events as well as send students to attend conferences focusing on their respective profession. FIDMASA oftentimes, reach out to professionals in their fields to provide guest speakers and panelist to assist its members in the exploration of their career goals. In addition, FIDMASA has helped serve the University by volunteering and hosting Community Fire Safety Education. FIDMASA has offer experiences to its members that can not be had in a classroom environment and offer them the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. FIDMASA allows you to network within a specific employer market. The association helps students to focus on their career aspirations.

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