The Department of Ecotourism, Recreation and Hospitality seeks to produce graduates capable of working either as employees or as entrepreneurs in the tourism sector. Graduates from the Department are equipped with strong and vibrant leadership skills to manage ecotourism prospects of the country and manage the hospitality sector of the tourism industry to meet the increasing demand for recreation, tourism, biodiversity conservation and green species.

The Department offers and prepares students for a four-year degree in BSc. Natural Resources Management (Ecotourism option), BSc. Wildlife and Range Management, BSc. Hospitality Management (Regular & Weekend) and Diploma in Hospitality Management.



The Department of Fisheries and Water Resources (DFWR) is Bono's foremost Centre directly concerned with research and training of fisheries/aquaculture scientists and practitioners among her institutions of higher learning. It is the only Department in Ghana to run combined degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture. The vision of DFWR is to become a leading department in teaching, research and community outreach in advancing a world with food security, employment and water management. Currently, the Department runs a BSc. Natural Resources Management with Specialization in Fisheries and Aquaculture.



The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) is mandated to build competencies and promote teaching, scholarship, research and outreach programmes aimed at solving problems that are critical to the development of the nation. The Department has research interests in:

  • - Land Reclamation and Restoration Practices
  • - Soil Quality Analysis
  • - Fire Safety and Disaster Management
  • - Environmental Impact Assessment &Auditing
  • - Environmental Policy Analysis, Law & Governance
  • - Environmental Risk Analysis & Management
  • - Natural Resources (air, land, water & mineral resources) Management
  • - Climate Change and Sustainability Management
  • - Solid Waste Technology and Management
  • - GIS & Remote Sensing Technologies/Geospatial analysis
  • - Ecological Economics & Modeling.

Its programmes include Diploma in Fire, Safety and DisasterManagement; BSc Natural Resources Management (with an option in Land Reclamation and Restoration); and BSc Fire and Disaster Management.



The Department of Forest Science seeks to empower human resources with requisite knowledge and skills in natural resources management, especially in the area of forest resource management, social forestry and environmental governance. The rationale is to train professionals to sustainably manage the nation's forest resources for enhanced resource conservation, revenue generation and fringe communities' livelihood security. The Department runs an undergraduate programme in Natural Resource Management with options in Social Forestry and Forest Resource Management. At the graduate level, the Department runs a Masters of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy programmes in Social Forestry and Environmental Governance. The Department has a curatorial unit responsible for producing quality forest and ornamental seedlings for commercial purposes and also for the beautification of the University landscape. The Unit serves as a practical learning field for the students in nursery management.

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